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Many firms in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry are constantly faced with new technological and design process challenges. New trends in the industry including emerging technologies, increased project collaboration, and new legislation all place pressure on your resources. You need a partner with the experience and industry know-how to help your organization adapt and turn current challenges into future opportunities.

We provide architectural drafting, architectural modelling, architectural 3D rendering, and architectural BIM solutions to retailers, homebuilders and architects. As well as delivering detailed construction drawing sets to retail and residential sectors for all stages of the design process, we provide detailed 3D models (using Revit Architecture and AutoCAD Architecture) and scan-to-BIM Revit models that can be used for design validation, quantity take-off and rendering purposes.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) involves more than just modeling, it incorporates additional layers of detail and information that are added to the components of the model including specification data and performance data.

At our services facility we use the Autodesk Revit suite to create BIM models. Revit offers a host of functions and the flexibility to allow effective design, documentation and control of the design process.

Revit also facilitates the creation of visualization output and provides data for sustainability and carbon usage analysis.

Architectural Design Support

We provide design and construction documentation to support all stages of the architectural design process. Our team includes experienced architects and architectural technicians with extensive experience in commercial, residential, industrial, leisure and healthcare projects.

We also offer 3d architectural visualization services through the skills of our visual production unit. We can create photo realistic images, photomontage views and 3d animations for all construction projects.

MEP Design Support

We utilize the experience gained from US and UK complete all design documentation for mechanical, plumbing (MEP) projects.

Utilizing both Revit and AutoCAD technologies, we coordinated 3d models’ to ensure that MEP services interferences, are technically sound, utilize less material easy to install and maintain.

Our detailed drawings and documentation are used installation teams and manufacturing teams.

Structural Design Support

Our structural design support services are provided as part BIM service.

Due to the impact of the structural aspects within each building the architectural and MEP design will usually require close synchronization with the structural aspect.

Where changes are required we ensure careful and considered control of this process with the structural designers.

Our implementation and consultancy services have been deeply valuable to our clients for complete BIM adoption.

Now it is possible – and affordable - to explore and examine Building energy conservation efforts and options on a computer. Building Information Modeling helps facilitate smart planning without costly delays in project planning and execution.

Sit at your computer and experiment with various energy saving approaches and analyze the potential results over time, before spending a penny on actual brick and mortar modifications.

BIM gives apartment building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and fabricators a set of adaptable and flexible measuring and modeling tools that is so advanced that it has suddenly made AutoCAD programs virtually archaic and obsolete.

The revolutionary BIM process is especially tailored to energy conservation and green building practices and projects such as refitting of buildings for enhanced energy conversation.